On-Site Hemodialysis

Our program is based on a multi-disciplinary rehabilitative approach to renal care. The program includes specialized care for the medically complex individual with acute / chronic renal failure or insufficiency. Goals are established for functional improvement and recovery under the direction of a physician. On-site hemodialysis is available at some locations eliminating the need to travel to and from a dialysis center. This may include a bedside option as well. Transportation is provided to a dialysis center for residents who do not qualify for bedside dialysis or at locations that do not offer the in-house or bedside option. Bedside dialysis simplifies scheduling and causes less interruptions to the daily routine leaving more time for therapy sessions and family visits. Residents typically dialyze five days a week, for approximately 2 ½ hours at a time. This shorter, and more frequent, dialysis is gentler on the body, improves health and improves quality of life. More frequent dialysis will lower stress on the heart and provide better blood pressure control with fewer medications. Residents recover more quickly after each treatment, have an improved appetite and have fewer restrictions related to fluid intake and diet.

Available at the Following BRIA Locations: