Our Foundations

Our Purpose

We care for those who need us most by making a difference in their lives.

Our Mission

To provide safe, compassionate care and service, through meaningful interactions and transitions by an empowered, engaged care team.

Our Values


We treat residents, families, team members and community members with dignity, respect, courtesy and kindness that they deserve. We care unselfishly for others and strive to relieve suffering through acts of kindness, caring, and support.


We welcome team members who are dedicated to improving themselves and their teams, as Personal and professional growth are paramount at BRIA. We are committed to providing opportunities for our team members to learn, master and maintain the skills necessary to be excellent. We empower team members to continually improve the outcomes of our care and service.


We work together in our pursuit of excellence and hold each other to the highest professional standards. We believe in having strong ethical and moral principles, and we act with honesty, honor and truthfulness.


We all have a responsibility to our co-workers to do our job well and in a way that contributes to our team. We work together to establish shared goals that reflect resident and family priorities. We establish clear expectations for each team member’s functions and responsibilities and expect that team members will work to earn each other’s trust creating greater opportunities for shared achievement. We develop and implement processes that result in measurable results, allowing us to track and improve our teams’ performance.