BRIA Health Services COVID-19 Response Plan

BRIA has instituted a comprehensive COVID-19 response plan that it continues to update as more is learned about how coronavirus spreads. By doing our part, we can all contribute to putting a stop to the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

BRIA has continually followed recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local public health departments to guide its COVID-19 response. Every day, we learn from our experiences in caring for our residents.

To make the most of those learnings, BRIA convened a COVID-19 Crisis Response Task Force. Board-certified infectious disease experts Dr. David Hines and Dr. Kiran Dhillon lead BRIA’s team of clinicians in implementing the most effective treatments and procedures to protect the lives of our residents and staff across our 10-facility network.

In addition to advising us on the latest infection prevention techniques, our task force continually assesses and adapts our network-wide testing strategy that is central to our effort to control transmission. Bria has implemented a three-phase testing program, including:

  • Baseline testing for all facilities
  • Surveillance testing for staff and residents in facilities with no current COVID-19 cases
  • In cases where COVID-19 is detected, ongoing retesting until no cases are detected

Our infection prevention protocols and our ongoing testing strategy is key to controlling transmission. Collectively, this plan can vastly reduce the risk of transmission.

While we take great pride in knowing we have an industry-leading model in place, we know we must continue to be vigilant. Our task force continually analyzes the latest public health guidance and reviews the real-time research in the field to ensure BRIA is at the forefront of stopping the spread of COVID-19.