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Allows for temporary certification in an emergency nurse aide capacity but will not result in permanent nurse aide status and will not result in inclusion on the Nurse Aide Registry.

  • Must complete the initial 16-hour essential training curriculum. This is required to be completed prior to direct resident care.
  • As this is a temporary nurse aide certification, you will not be able to continue working as a Nurse Aide when the pandemic emergency is over.
  • When the pandemic emergency is over, you may be able to be employed at state-regulated facilities such as an assisted living facility, community-based residential facilities, etc. that do not require nurse aide certification.
  • You will not be included on the Illinois Nurse Aide Registry.


Supporting Rationale

These are temporary nurse aides, who will not be employed as nurse aides beyond pandemic, and will not be included on the Nurse Aide Registry. This path provides immediate assistance/relief for employment purposes during pandemic emergency.


Temporary nurse aides – limited training (16-hour initial training) alternative to nurse aide training

  • The 8-hour classroom education component may be satisfied by successful completion of the American Health Care Association online training program that is located on its website at and the training videos at instructors/performance-skills-videos/. The training must be taken in the facility and proctored.
  • The 8-hour on-the-job training component requires that
  • training program instructors are responsible for assuring that their TNA students are competent to perform the performance skills listed on the clinical skills checklist (attached),
  • successful performance of the skills by the students must be documented, and
  • supervising nurses must be informed of the skills that each temporary nursing assistant is allowed to perform.
  • The skills videos online at instructors/performance-skills-videos/ may be used as supplemental educational material.


Facility responsibilities related to Temporary Nurse Aide

  1. The facility must notify its certified and licensed staff members that TNAs have a limited scope of work, and this notification must detail what duties can be delegated to the TNAs.
  2. If a facility learns that a TNA is performing work outside of the scope of this training, the TNA must be stopped, corrected, and the work assigned to the appropriate personnel.
  3. TNAs will report to the facility’s charge nurse or nursing supervisor and may be assigned appropriate tasks by the supervising nurse(s).
  4. The Health Care Worker Background check applies to this position.
  5. Persons in this position must be included on the Health Care Worker Registry.
  6. This position is only authorized for the duration of the Governor’s COVID Disaster Proclamation, after which time facilities are required to transition to certified staff only (Certified Nursing Assistants).
  7. TNAs are not eligible to take the Certified Nursing Assistant competency exam and will not be employed as an aide after the pandemic emergency.