BRIA of River Oaks has long been a proven leader in rehabilitation and skilled nursing. It is now also home to specialized programs for medically complex patients including those needing on-site hemodialysis or ventilator care.  

This BRIA location has a unique layout that provides a three-story structure for the medically complex, geriatric residents and a single-story wing for a segregated behavioral health setting. Comprehensive medical services including 24-hour nursing care, STRIVE physical, occupational and speech therapy, social activities and behavioral health provided in a safe and supportive environment is just some of what we do best.

Recently, the availability of on-site hemodialysis enables patients to receive hemodialysis treatments without having to leave the building.  There is no need for travel or to battle the elements. Dialyzing on-site and potentially more frequently translates into more time for therapy and more time for family visits.  Better patient care, delivered more conveniently. This is our commitment to you. To view our complete brochure, click HERE.

We also now have a complete, state-of-the-art respiratory therapy and ventilator program.  Our dedicated ventilator unit is led by a board certified pulmonologist providing regular consultations with patients and families.  We have a comprehensive advanced care team that works with a common goal of weaning patients off ventilation. To read more about our program, click HERE.



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