Long Term Care

We specialize in the needs of seniors needing long-term care including individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as well as those with palliative or hospice care requirements. Our home-like environments are comfortable and comforting, and our caregivers are attentive, compassionate, and respectful. Skilled nursing is available around the clock and specialized care can be provided to meet each resident’s individual needs.

Memory Care

When a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is hard to know where to turn and who to trust. You want them to receive the very best treatment and care. You also want them to be treated as an adult with a unique story, someone with personal preferences, abilities and dignity. Our primary goal is to provide a secure environment with specialized programming to ensure the safety of our residents while always maintaining each resident’s dignity and quality of life to the highest extent.

Palliative/Hospice Care

BRIA offers a comfortable and compassionate setting for families and residents in the final stages of life’s journey. Our skilled staff attends to residents’ medical needs while maintaining the highest level of dignity and comfort. We are here to support you during this important time.