On-Site Hemodialysis

The BRIA Advantage

Where improving outcomes is something we take personally.

Under our care, you will be able to dialyze in the comfort of our dialysis room where we will perform shorter, more frequent treatments, helping you avoid the burden of tiresome travel to an outpatient center.

Our interdisciplinary team provides for every aspect of your treatment and coordinates closely with the therapy team and dietary staff to make the most out of your rehabilitation stay.

A return to living life on your own terms.

These results are only achievable through the shorter, gentler, and more tailored treatment model of home hemodialysis.

Treatments typically last two and a half hours, up to five times per week pursuant to a physician’s order.

Recovery can take just 30 minutes.

This will allow you to reclaim up to 20 hours a week of additional time for rehabilitation and activities in the skilled nursing/rehabilitation facility.

Convenient and Effective Dialysis Therapy


  • No need to travel
  • Simplified scheduling
  • Miss fewer meals and therapy sessions
  • More time for family visits


  • Dialyze more frequently
  • Dialysis performed in our on-site dialysis suite
  • Faster recovery after treatments
  • Less stress on the heart
  • Better control of hypertension and anemia with fewer medications
  • More energy and increased vitality
  • Fewer dialysis-related complications and hospitalizations
  • Nephrologist on-call and on-site weekly
  • Oversight by an experienced, dedicated RN
  • No need to change doctors, remain under the supervision of your current physician

Offering better patient care and convenience

Providing dialysis patients and physicians with convenient and effective dialysis therapy.

Eliminate time, stress and energy spent traveling to outpatient facilities for dialysis.

No more bagged lunches at the outpatient facilities.

Experience the difference of better control of hyper-tension and anemia, less fatigue, less medications, fewer dietary restrictions, and less rehospitalizations.

Your treatment is performed by experienced, highly trained professionals using separate, state-of-the-art machines for each patient.

Available at the Following BRIA Locations: