CALM: Ventilator Therapy

Adjusting to life with respiratory challenges, tracheotomy or a ventilator can seem overwhelming for patients and loved ones.

Our CALM (Complete Airway and Lung Management) Unit brings peace of mind through superior safety, care and service delivered by specially trained staff utilizing cutting-edge technology.

CALM Unit Introduction (:42)
CALM Unit and VOCSN Ventilator Full Overview (3:05)
CALM Unit and VOCSN Ventilator Safety First (:50)

We have developed our CALM program to enhance the lives and independence of ventilator assisted patients by providing the best patient-centered quality of care in a comfortable, homelike setting.

Our dedicated, interdisciplinary team of respiratory therapists and nursing staff have decades of experience, and are led by a board-certified pulmonologist. Their focus is to improve strength, endurance and quality of life of each patient to ensure success.

Our Focus on Best Quality of Life

Whenever possible, weaning (slowly decreasing dependence) from a ventilator is our long-term goal. We provide an individualized plan of care that assesses respiratory function in an effort to decrease and eliminate the need for mechanical breathing support while maximizing each person’s functional and psychological capabilities.

Remaining active facilitates rehabilitation and recovery. A respiratory therapist joins our recreation staff, ensuring that ventilator patients are able to safely and confidently participate in activities and outings outside of the unit.

The Best Ventilators & Alarms for the Best Safety and Care

Our VOCSN Ventilators seamlessly integrate five separate devices including a ventilator, oxygen concentration, cough assist, suction, and nebulizer into one unified respiratory system.

The light, portable all-in-one unit features unparalleled portability, enabling safer, more comfortable transitions to:

  • Family and friend visits
  • Other facility therapeutic units/locations
  • Physician appointments

An integrated alarm system immediately notifies nurses and therapists when patients need attention. The system alerts staff on hallway and nursing station monitors, as well as on mobile devices. Alarms are timed, identified with room and bed number. Alerts are color coded adding a sense of urgency for staff response.

Triple-level ventilator alarm system- Intelligent respiratory event alert and compliance monitoring

State-of-the-art ventilators- provides 5 therapies in one machine-includes high performance nebulizer, portable oxygen concentrator, hospital grade suction unit, ventilator, and touch button cough assist all on one circuit. Customizable to each patient

Dedicated ventilator unit led by board-certified pulmonologist

Speech therapy for bedside swallow evaluations and communication strategies

Physical and occupational therapy to increase endurance and ability

Highly skilled Respiratory Therapists on site 24/7

Regular consultations with program pulmonologist

An advanced care team that works with a common goal of weaning patients off ventilation