How Our Programs Work

You or your loved one will be evaluated by one of our specially trained therapist. Depending on the problem, they may evaluate things like muscle strength, coordination, sensation, flexibility, balance and the ability to perform certain activities. A customized treatment plan will then be developed for the individual’s specific needs and goals. Our therapist have received special training for each of our treatment programs. They utilize advanced medical technology and progressive rehabilitation techniques to get maximum results for a fast and safe return home. Your needs and goals are our top priority.

Some unique features of our program include:

  • Therapies available up to seven days a week
  • Comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluations
  • An individualized plan of treatment to achieve patient goals
  • Family involvement in treatment planning
  • Extensive patient and family education
  • Discharge planning from the moment you or your loved one arrive
  • Care managers monitoring you or your loved ones progress after returning home

Our care begins before you enter our doors and continues after you leave.