Success Stories

“I am really thankful…”

Patricia’s Story

Patricia Smith came to Geneva Nursing and Rehabilitation (GNR) 6 weeks ago from Central DuPage Hospital (CDH) seeking help with wounds associated with her diabetes and a lower leg amputation. She was in severe pain and nervous about the treatment process. Under the direction of our wound care team and physician specialist, Dr. Farah Hashemi, and our rehabilitation team, Patricia returned home to enjoy her family again. Patricia was thankful that her wounds healed quickly under the dedicated, compassionate treatment plan developed by the staff. She said that “their confidence reassured me throughout my stay.” She felt that the nursing staff knew her so well that they could tailor the treatment to advance her therapy and fit her pain tolerance. Before heading home, Patricia said, “I tell everyone I talk to how wonderful it is here. I received the best care and staff celebrated with me as I reached each healing milestone.”

“It was so convenient…”

Jackie’s Story

Jaqueline Summers came to Atrium Healthcare and Rehabilitation from Memorial Hospital after being diagnosed with end stage renal disease and with wounds stemming from her diabetes. Jackie did not know what life had in store for her. What she did know was that she wanted to get back home to her husband and spend time with her family. To achieve her goal, she needed her wounds to heal and build back her strength after her hospital stay. Bedside hemodialysis is gentler on the body and less time consuming than traditional dialysis performed at a treatment center. Receiving hemodialysis bedside at Atrium enabled her to maximize her therapy sessions that are offered seven days a week. “It (the dialysis) was so convenient and I had the time and energy I needed to do my therapy,” Jackie said. “I am home and living a more independent life than I ever thought possible.” Jackie enjoys reading, watching TV with her husband and playing with her cat. She returned home after an effective 3-month stay that put her back on her feet.

“Constant encouragement…”

Ed’s Story

Ed Jones had knee replacement surgery at Edward hospital after years of battling chronic pain. Before surgery, he would walk for two minutes and sit for three even with the help of a cane or walker. Ed would joke saying, “If you put a snail next to me, it would beat me.” In need of intensive therapy, he came to Westmont Nursing and Rehabilitation where he received physical and occupational therapy seven days a week as part of the STRIVE therapy program. The therapy director and physiatrist kept in constant contact with his surgeon to ensure his therapy was tailored to meet his needs and achieve his goal of walking out the front door pain free. He did so in just three weeks. “I came to Westmont in a wheelchair and left holding the arm of my daughter,” Ed said. “The therapist was awesome, offering constant encouragement with just the right amount of compassion and toughness.” Ed is continuing therapy while at home to keep the knee in tip-top shape.

“In the privacy of my own room…”

Ruben’s Story

Ruben Pate came to Atrium Healthcare and Rehabilitation in early May after a lengthy stay at Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL after suffering from a heart attack requiring bypass surgery. He experienced a significant loss in strength as a result of his hospital stay. He needed extensive physical therapy and hemodialysis but transporting to and from a dialysis center was not an option. He is is now home enjoying his family and continues his hemodialysis therapy on an out-patient basis with a local provider.

At Atrium, he was able to receive his hemodialysis bedside. He dialyzed five days a week for approximately 2-2½ hours each day. This shorter and more frequent hemodialysis is gentler on the body with less stress on the heart providing better blood pressure control with fewer medications. He was able to recover more quickly after each treatment allowing him to take full advantage of the therapy available seven days a week at Atrium. He did not have to waste time transporting back and forth to a treatment center. This also simplified his scheduling to maximize progress toward his therapy goals, miss fewer meals and he had more time for family visits. “I really appreciated having my hemodialysis at my bedside in the privacy of my own room”, says Ruben.

Ruben also benefitted from Atrium’s STRIVE therapy program designed to improve health, strength and independence. His individualized program focused on strengthening and bed mobility exercises, general body endurance, sliding board transfers, and walking with his prosthesis.